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ChinaGravelPumpFactory Product Name: DG series gravel pump Pump model: DG series gravel pump Flow rate: 60 ~ 1060m 3 / h Lift: 10 ~ 110m Speed: 300-1400r / min NPSH: 2.5-8m The maximum allowable ratio of belt matching: maximum particle size: 254MM Material: M Product features: The series of pumps are single-stage, single suction, cantilever, horizontal structure. The pump is a single case pump. According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into another typical structure: With bracket type, pump and reducer box body in one. Grease lubrication or thin oil lubrication can be used. So large particles are usually used Slurry pump can not transport the transport of strong abrasive materials. DGH is a high lift gravel pump. The flow passage parts of the pump are made of hard nickel, high chromium and other wear-resistant materials. The discharge direction of the pump can be at any position of 306 掳 with convenient installation, It has the advantages of good cavitation and abrasion resistance. The rotation direction of the pump is clockwise from the driving end.ChinaGravelPumpFactory website:http://www.pumpdelin.com/gravel-pump/

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