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cheap Fastest Electric Scooter Our History 2012 established, Electric Unicycle 2014 Self Balancing Scooter, 2015-2018 Electric Scooter/ Skateboard, 2019-2020, drift scooter, kid electric scooter and off-road cooter Our Factory Manufacture focus on electric unicycles, motorized scooter, segway, monowheel. Supplier for NO.1 selling in China's largest e-commerce site(TAOBAO, JINGDONG) Month output: (peak period)10000-15000pcs/month (per capita 15-20pcs) Our Product Electric scooter, electric bike, balance scooter, hoverboard, electric skateboard, drift scooter, kid e-scooter Product Application Personal transport, leisure, kid toy, adult toy Our Certificate ISO9001:2008, INTERTEK CE(MD, EMC, LVD), ROHS, SAA,KC, 4 Structure Innovation Patents, 10 Appearance Design Patents AUDITED SUPPLIER ASSESSMENT REPORT鈥擲GS Production Equipment Work shop: 1 hoverboard and balance scooter work shop,1 electric scooter work shop, four assembly lines Production Market The companys main markets are as follow: Europe: 45 Asia confidential: 18 Oceania confidential: 38 Our Service Details manual,viedo about how to use, how to repair, patient and experienced after sales serive worker, let your customer saftised, also more import s good quality control system.cheap Fastest Electric Scooter website:http://www.ybascooter.com/

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