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Sulfate Description Reddish yellow crystals, soluble in water, react with water to form basic salts, soluble in dilute sulfuric acid. Pale pink in aqueous solution, strongly oxidizing. Obtained by dissolving cerium dioxide in concentrated sulfuric acid. Ammonium cerium nitrate interacts with ammonia to form cerium hydroxide, and then reacts with sulfuric acid to form cerium sulfate. Cerium sulfate is sensitive to visible and ultraviolet light. Especially in dilute solutions. Therefore, the solution should be kept in a blackened bottle. Application Area Analytical chemistry and industry used as oxidant, also used in the preparation of waterproofing agent and mildew proofing agent; Used for biochemical research, oxidant; Used in catalyst, cerium salt raw materials, cemented carbide additives, chemical reagents and other industries. Determination of nitrite, iodide, low iron salts, and other substances that may be oxidized to high valence. The cerium method is used in the REDOX titration of ferrous, antimony trivalent and potassium ferrocyanide. Radiation dosimeter. Product Introduction Product NamePurity Ceric Sulfate>99.95%Sulfate website:http://www.gprareearth.com/sulfate/

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