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wholesale Asme B16.47 Ser,A Welding Neck Flanges 1. Introduction锛欰SME B16.47 Class 300 Series A Weld Neck Flanges are a low nitrogen, low-carbon, ferritic steel that offers crevice corrosion resistance and pitting greater to most ferritic alloys. 2. Description锛欰SME B16.47 Class 300 Series A Weld Neck Flange Dimensions has a several exceptional features to offer such as high strength, sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and so on. Impeccably equipped, this Series A Class 300 Weld Neck Flanges is unalloyed in quality and so are considered for soaring temp and all-purpose corrosive service. Nominal Pipe SizeOutside Diameter (O)Minimum Thickness (T)Raised Face Diameter (R)Length Thru Hub (Y)Hub Diameter (X)Minimum Fillet Radius (r)Top of Hub (A)Bore (B)Approximate Weight (lbs)Bolt Circle (C)Number of HolesDiameter of Holes 2638.253.1229.57.2528.380.3826Specified by purchaser60534.5281.75 2840.753.3831.57.7530.50.4428Specified by purchaser74537281.75 30433.6233.758.2532.560.4430Specified by purchaser87039.25281.88 3245.253.88368.7534.690.4432Specified by purchaser100541.5282 3447.54389.1236.880.534Specified by purchaser114543.5282 36504.1240.259.5390.536Specified by purchaser127546322.12 38464.2540.57.1239.120.538Specified by purchaser69543321.62 4048.754.542.757.6241.250.540Specified by purchaser84045.5321.75 4250.754.6944.757.8843.250.542Specified by purchaser95047.5321.75 4453.254.88478.1245.250.544Specified by purchaser105549.75321.88 4655.755.06498.547.380.546Specified by purchaser123552282 4857.755.2551.258.8149.380.548Specified by purchaser138054322 5060.255.553.59.1251.380.550Specified by purchaser153056.25322.12 5262.255.6955.59.3853.380.552Specified by purchaser166058.25322.12 5465.25657.759.9455.50.554Specified by purchaser205061282.38 5667.256.0659.7510.2557.620.556Specified by purchaser215563282.38 5869.256.256210.559.620.558Specified by purchaser227065322.38 6071.256.446410.7561.620.560Specified by purchaser247067322.38wholesale Asme B16.47 Ser,A Welding Neck Flanges website:http://www.hkforging.net/welding-neck-flanges/asme-b16-47-ser-a-welding-neck-flanges/

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